Delivering Innovation and Value Through Products

Inspired by Consumer Lifestyles


Capstone Industries welcomes the ‘20s with a new product portfolio that focuses on today’s connected lifestyles.
Over the past couple decades computing has evolved from the desktop to laptop to tablets and to the smartphone.
As consumers embrace the many advantages of online services and applications that offer convenience and simplify daily tasks, access through surroundings help define today’s smart home.

Our strategy is to design and engineer products that not only compliment the home environment aesthetically but at the same time deliver the mobile experience to surfaces throughout your living and workspaces.


Capstone’s expansive market presence over the past decade, is the direct result of leveraging the Company’s strengths in bridging
innovation and affordability in its product lines.

LED Lighting

Capstone was an early market leader in lower cost LED lighting solutions and the Company continues to focus on innovative LED products while expanding their product line in the Smart Home category.

Smart Mirror

Like a mobile phone, the Capstone Smart Mirror will perform the functions of a tablet, with both, touch screen and voice interfacing, internet access and an operating system capable of running downloadable applications.

The Company’s goal is to successfully break the tether to one’s phone or tablet while maintaining access to important content in a new and unique form factor.


Our team is committed to providing our customers with a positive experience.

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